Lu PARQS italian & cafe


PARQS TOYAMAに隣接、サスティナブル建築PARQS358 1Fに2017年オープンしたカフェ&イタリアン。

LU PARQS is a café/Italian restaurant established in 2017 and located on the first floor of the eco‐friendly sustainable building PARQS358, next to PARQS TOYAMA.
The café section offers Seattle‐style coffee including espressos, using specialty coffee.
The restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine mainly using locally-produced ingredients.


2017年11月にカフェ&イタリアン、2018年2月にSPARQ it PARQSをオープンさせたシアトル、東京、富山でデザイン建築した建築物。



PARQS358, a building complex designed in Seattle, Tokyo and Toyama, contains a café/Italian restaurant LU PARQS that opened in November 2017 and a men’s clothing store SPARQ it PARQS that opened in February 2018.

This building complex is constructed with a variety of natural materials, and has a number of features created by artisans. The 4.5‐meter live edge table made from aged maple wood in the café and restaurant was created by an artist who also made furniture for famous Hollywood stars. The method of coating used on the table was employed for the first time in Japan. The large entrance door is another example of a product using old wood.

We aim to be self‐sufficient and sustainable by generating and storing electricity from solar energy, as well as using local ingredients at our café/restaurant. The building was designed with sustainable building materials, methods of construction and equipment. These include rooms that are insulated and well enclosed by the use of thick wood that can lock in CO2, natural lighting making use of the movement of the sun, a heat exchanger that operates upon detecting CO2, and solar power generation with storage batteries.

The elevation design for the building employs formalism which is one of the most important movements in architectural history dating back to ancient Babylon and Egypt, and thereafter adopted by the noted mathematician Pythagoras in Greece, Palladio, a leading light of the Renaissance, and Le Corbusier, one of the most respected masters of modern architecture.

Even with a small commercial building like this, which reflects formalism to some degree, we can sense the long history of the appreciation of beauty. This could be achieved thanks to the amazing skills of artisans.


Tempo di Caffe

lunch time 11 : 30 〜 13 : 30 (13 : 30LO)
cafe time 13 : 30 ~ 17 : 30 (17 : 00 LO)
火曜日定休(月2回 月曜日もしくは水曜日)

Lu PARQSを日頃からご愛顧いただきまして誠にありがとうございます。


Tempo di Cena

17:30 ~ 19:30 (19:00 LO)
火曜日定休(月2回 月曜日もしくは水曜日)